I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, as well as the founder and owner of SCULPT Fitness, a private training facility in the metrowest area of greater Boston.  I’ve spent more than a decade learning howLou to diagnose and correct the issues preventing so many clients from achieving optimal results, both in terms of aesthetics and performance.  Early on, I probably made every mistake in the book. I learned in the process what works and what doesn’t.  I went from scrawny to puffy to lean and muscular by implementing common sense training and nutrition strategies.

I’m endlessly frustrated by what passes for training “wisdom” today and have committed myself to undoing the damage, one physique at a time.   I’m here to help you cut through the BS, dispel the most pervasive training myths and get you on your way toward adopting a healthier lifestyle.

I have more than a dozen certifications in fitness and nutrition and I’m still learning. I bring a healthy skepticism to what I read and strive for the practical application of science-backed methods.

I’ve spent the last decade learning what works and what doesn’t and, the fact is, some exercises and some techniques are simply more effective than others and this knowledge doesn’t show up in the pages of a personal training manual. I’ll introduce you to little-known tips and tricks that can make everything you’re currently doing much, much more effective.  I’m a fitness and nutrition nerd and I immerse myself in the science of exercise to stay abreast of the latest studies and trends in the field. The information I share with you is supported by research – and anecdotal – evidence.  When you work with me, you won’t be wasting your time with generic magazine routines. Only what works.


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