I offer one-on-one, partner/couples, and small group training at my private studio in Wellesley, MA.  (in-home sessions available on a limited basis; travel surcharge applies)

I create hybrid training programs that borrow from many disciplines.  After an initial consultation and fitness assessment, I’ll design an individualized routine specific to your goals and abilities. Together, we will periodically review your progress and make modifications, as needed.

Here’s what you get when you work with me:

  • -A complimentary (FREE!) consultation, fitness assessment, and “sample” workout.
  • – A private setting where it’s all about you: No crowds or fighting for equipment like at the big-box, corporate gyms.
  • – No cookie cutter workouts! Customized programs to address your specific needs.
  • – Lower rates than most gyms.
  • -Early morning, evening, and weekend availability.
  • – Remote training and ongoing support via phone/email/Skype
  • – No contracts, long-term commitment or high-pressured sales pitches. You design the arrangement that works best for you.
  • – All fitness levels welcome.
  • -Individualized Program Design
  • -Body Recomposition
  • -Physique Development
  • -Muscle Sculpting
  • -Fat Loss and Weight Management
  • -Injury Prevention
  • -Nutritional Counseling
  • -Food Diary Analysis
  • -Dietary Supplement Strategies

My clients over the years have included bodybuilders, elite athletes, and military personnel but my passion is getting EVERYONE more excited about fitness and healthy living in general:

– Never stepped foot in a gym? No problem. Learn how to perform the most effective exercises with safe and proper form from your very first repetition – without the intimidation factor.

– Been working out awhile but results have stagnated? I’ll show you ways to revamp your routine and make exercise fun again.

– Behind a desk all day? Learn how to strengthen the muscles that control posture.

– Falling behind on your New Year’s weight loss resolutions? I’ll teach you movements that will rev up your metabolism for days.

– Looking to rid yourself of chronic pain? The root cause is often a muscle weakness or imbalance.  Correct it and start feeling better.

– Worried about your risk of falls and other injuries? Let’s focus on balance and stability.

– Concerned with age-related muscle and strength loss? We can counteract that.

– Want to make the things you do outside the gym easier and more comfortable? It’s simpler than you think.

– Just want to look good naked? I’ve got you covered there too.

No matter the goal, I’ll show you how to implement the science-based exercises and unconventional, little-known techniques, tips and tricks to improve your body, performance and, most importantly, overall health and well-being.

Personal training sessions include basic nutrition coaching to support recovery from exercise and help fuel performance.  More comprehensive meal planning and customized diets are offered as a separate service or as an add-on (additional fees apply).

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